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Recording Studio Videos

Get The Popcorn Martha!

Devon Wade Project

A before and after comparison of producing Devon Wade’s song, “Where You Going With That?” We started with just a simple track of Devon singing and playing his acoustic guitar. We then added the rest of the band with studio musicians to flesh out the production and provide a radio-ready

Patrick Coast Project

This is an example of a live recording we did for a client, which we then took into post-production for some audio sweetening.

Harvey Stanley Project

Harvey Stanley completed his latest album project here in our studio. We took a few moments in between takes to sit him down in the control room and talk about his approach to songwriting.

Amazing Pros At Work

Outtakes from recording sessions at British Grove for the album Get Lucky. Featured is Mark recording acoustic guitar for the track “Remembrance Day” as well as backing vocals for “Time in the Sun”, together with Danny Cummings, Guy Fletcher, Matt Rollings and of course Chuck Ainlay on the faders.

Inside Real World Studios, Peter Gabriel’s Recording Sanctuary

Opened by Peter Gabriel in 1987, we take a look around Real World Studios, one of the most stunningly located recording facilities in the world.

Dweezil Zappa’s Studio Tour

Guitar World presents an exclusive tour of Dweezil Zappa’s studio, the U.M.R.K. (Utility Muffin Research Kitchen) that he inherited from his father, legendary musician Frank Zappa.

Lord Vader In Session

Watch Darth Vader during the recording of his GPS voice for TomTom.

Master Yoda In Session

Watch Master Yoda during the recording of his GPS voice for TomTom.

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