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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Whenever I’m speaking with potential clients searching for a professional recording studio, they want to know exactly what I can for them in the studio. Let me share with you some of the most frequently asked questions and the answers.

What is your hourly rate, and do you have package rates?

Like most recording studios in the Spokane, Washington area, I charge by the hour (just $55 per hour) (2-hour minimum), which is great for the artist who has one reasonably simple song, or for an artist who just wants to record their song, so they have an MP3 to register a copyright or get a few views on YouTube.

The best deal comes from my affordable package pricing, or even better, my all-day inclusive price (starting at only $297 per day, a six-hour block). Most artists choose the all-day inclusive price as it allows them to work at their leisure without having the added pressure of watching the clock.

As a musician myself, I hate to feel rushed while trying to be creative. If you combine that with a very comfortable atmosphere, excellent production quality, and seeing your project move forward, creativity will undoubtedly rise to the occasion.

I'm a songwriter and don't have a band. Do you have a way to make it sound like I have a full group of musicians?

Yes! Over the last few years I’ve noticed there are more solo artists than ever. Many of them want to feature their original songs the way they hear them in their heads, with full production with live musicians. I love this! It gives me the chance to not only help them accomplish their goal but actively participate in it. Often I’m most of the musicians on a project as I play multiple instruments. You don’t have to look far to find most of your studio musicians! I also have a full selection of other professional studio musicians ready to perform on your studio project.

Here’s how it works. The artist lays down their song on whatever instrument he or she plays to a simple drum beat, which I use as a click track. We discuss what their vision is for the song, and that’s all I need to get started on the arrangement.

First I start with the primary instruments making up the sound and style of the song. After that’s complete, I’ll send them a test copy of the song, or they may come into the studio to listen (which I prefer), to see if we’re on track.

At that time I’ll have them play their parts separately, one track at a time. Instruments come first, then vocals. This way I have independently recorded tracks without the cross bleed of instruments and vocals leaking into each other’s microphones.

After this is complete, I’ll bring in other studio musicians to finish the song, or I’ll fill in all the parts by playing them myself. It depends on the artist’s budget. Some may not have the room in it for additional musicians. I provide a considerable discount when I can fill all those areas myself.

Here’s a before and after example…

I'm tired of having my tracks sounding average or weak, and not like what I hear on the radio or when I stream. Can you fix that?

Yes! We use the most up-to-date audio and engineering equipment, which we put to work for you with our 37+ years of experience. By adding the correct effects, manipulating the audio’s frequency, and correcting phase alignment, you’ll get that huge, spacious sound you’re looking for. That’s precisely what I do for you, and at a surprisingly affordable rate.

I’ve worked with thousands of artists in every style of music. Thanks to the Internet I’ve worked with musicians from around the globe in every facet of the recording process, e.g., mixing, producing, remixing, tuning, songwriting, correcting phase coherence, and time alignment.

The vocal tracks we recorded sound dull and uninviting. Can you fix that?

Yes! Give us a call and let’s talk! (509) 703-6560

My recorded guitars sound screechy or thin. Can you fix that?

Yes, in a heartbeat!

My Instruments/vocals are out of tune. Can you fix that?


When we recorded at home, we didn't play to a click and got off time a bit. Can you fix that?

Yes! Fixing timing issues is one our specialties.

I have a song, and I just need someone to help me arrange it. Can you do that?

You bet! Here’s an example of how we did that for a client named Devon Wade…

I write lyrics but need to put them to music. Do you do that?

All day long! We have different ways of doing this that fits any budget.

Do you record full bands?

Of course!

I record at home, but my tracks don't sound like the radio. Can you fix that?


I have recorded at a big studio but couldn't finish my project because the cost was too high. Can you help me?

Yes! We love helping you save money!

I have a song almost finished, but I'm in need of additional instruments? Can you do that?

Yes! Everything from guitar and bass to trumpet and tuba! Here’s an example of how we provided this for a client…

I had my songs recorded by a real beginner and got less than stellar results. Can you fix that?

That’s unfortunate, and yes we can fix that!

I want to record my gig live. Can you do that?

Yes! We love doing live location recording.

I have multi-track audio and video we recorded live. Can you remix the audio and edit it together with the video?

That can be tricky, but of course we can handle it!

Do you teach recording and mixing one on one?


Can you teach me to use my music/recording/DAW software?

You bet! We’re familiar with most popular DAW software.

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