Are You A Solo Artist?

Come into our Spokane recording studio or e-mail us your track…we can do the rest! We can also assist in arranging your song or helping you to get that needed sound that can make all the difference in the final product, even if was recorded at one of the Spokane recording studios.

Did Things Get Out Of Time When You Recorded Your Project?

This can happen more often than you think. Plugins add latency and change the way things feel and sound. You may have played to a click track but now your drums don’t match your bass…what the heck happened? We can fix that! We tighten up bass and drum tracks to give you that polished sound. Heck, we can actually tighten up all the tracks so they groove together.

Are You A Band That Wants A Killer CD Or Demo?

There’s no such thing as a “demo recording” any longer, ask any of the Spokane recording studios. The public and producers aren’t interested in what the song could sound like. They want to hear a finished product. In our Spokane recording studio we can do that…in fact, we love doing that! You’ll have the advantage of tapping into our 35+ years of experience in the recoding industry.

Send us your song and we’ll give you our honest evaluation, absolutely free of charge. Sometimes just having input from an outside source can open up new life and new possibilities for a song.

Are You A Beginner At Recording Your Own Music?

We provide recording classes and can also help you make your own mixes sound awesome. We’ll even come to any of your Spokane recording studios and help you get set up correctly.

Are Those Darn Guitars Out Of Tune?

We know you spend a great deal of time making sure you have things in tune. But sometimes that perfect take is just a little off. Crap! Now what? We can tune your guitar even after you’ve recorded your music…it’s Fricken’ Magic! Send us the offending file to our studio here in Spokane, Washington and we’ll fix it right up.

We’re Affordable!

Our hourly rate starts at just $45.00 and our day rate starts at just $450.00. Special project pricing available on a case-by-case basis. You’ll find this to be very competitive among the Spokane recording studios available to you.

  • Thank you Mike for putting your heart into this project and recognizing that this song could open so many doors for all of us! We appreciate everything you have done, you’re the GREATEST! I say it twice, you’re very creative! You totally grasped what I envisioned. I’m so glad we found you!–Julie Parkhurst

  • Thank you for taking my project to its completion. You were great to work with and I appreciate your talent and professionalism. I loved your Spokane recording studio. It was very comfortable and well equipped.–John Scheussler

  • WOW!  You brought my songs new life. Michael. The musicianship of you and others that you used to play on my album went way beyond my expectations. You made me sound like a pro. Thanks a million.–Kenny Felton

  • Mike has been an enormous help in teaching me the basics of music recording on up to the inner workings that I never knew existed. I was new to recording with Digital Audio, but working with Mike at his Spokane recording studio has taken me from the very basic recording techniques to advanced techniques I’d have never learned on my own.

    If you’re serious about recording and want to learn from the best in the area, give Mike a call. His professionalism, knowledge, and experience of being not only a producer and engineer but also an outstanding musician are priceless.–James Carpenter

  • My experience at HitStreet Records’ Spokane recording studio was definitely career changing for me. Michael is a great producer and made my project perfect for my fans and me. The sound quality of the equipment is absolutely amazing and you leave the studio with a professional sounding recording.

    They don’t just produce your CD and send you off. Along the way I learned so much about the music world and how to have a successful career. All the connections and knowledge that they gave me is something I could’ve never done on my own.–Chelsey Heidenreich